Crypto Security reinvented
Cerber OS is an operational system that is tailored to secure your cryptocurrency and data
Keys Management
Use our intelligent notes system to encrypt your private keys and securely store them in an electronic form
Multiple crypto in one app
Our wallet interface allows you to securely store, send and monitor your crypto savings
We can help you to get your piece of mind
Cerber OS will ensure your funds are protected
Not a "secure" mobile wallet
Airgap is required to ensure the security of your crypto assets. Cerber OS allows you do functionally disconnect from the web
Multi crypto
Our wallet allows you to store a variety of cryptocurrencies in one wallet app. LTC/BTC/ETH/BNB you name it
Keep your private keys organized
You can export private keys to each wallet address and have them store in separate encrypted files
Air Gap
Cerber OS Gap mode allows you to fully block all outgoing and incoming traffic ensuring no data transfer
Our service tests show that the uptime of our own blockchain nodes is 90+%
Future integrations
Our roadmap consists of integrations with DEFI, Staking and ERC20 smart contracts
Get on the waitlist
Never worry about your crypto again

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